Bali Green Walks

Walking... ... ..!!!

Walking produces miraculous results...

It is the easiest path to getting healthy while slimming the waistline and firming the legs amongst a wide range of native plants and herbs.

Learn to make identifications by sight, smell and taste.

What to expect: Bali is not only the beaches and works of art. There are other interesting, beautiful aspects. Take a relaxing stroll in the morning, away from the busy town through the beautiful rice fields of Bali especially the Ubud and Jatiluwih rice fields. On Bali we have maintained our ancient relationship to the natural world. It is an integral part of our life and culture.

For centuries Balinese have used a wide range of native plants and herbs for therapeutic, medicinal and health enhancing purposes.

In Bali, we have maintained our ancient relationship with nature, is an integral part of our lives and culture in line with the concept of TRI HITA KARANA which commits us to respecting and working harmoniously with humanity, nature and the Divine. For centuries the Balinese have used various kinds of plants and herbs for therapy, improving health and medical purposes.

Komang Suamba is your guide was inspired by his grandmother from an early age. She treated all the family illnesses with herbal remedies and taught Komang to pass on the healing capabilities of nature. Komang your guide is fluent in English and is happy to answer all your questions. He is committed to keeping Bali as green as possible and is passionate about herbs and their ability to heal.

Our Herb walk is a unique opportunity to explore the prolific plant life that flourishes here. Along the way we will cross the green area with an experienced guide and learn about Bali’s traditional medicine herbs. You will breathe unpolluted air in nature and your guide will point out a number of plants used in traditional Balinese medicines and cooking culture.

Familiarize yourself with a wide range of native plants and herbs, learn to make identifications by sight, smell and taste directly with nature and enjoy yourself as you learn.

When we rest we will drink coconut juice and eat the flesh if you like plus we can eat some taste jajan (Balinese cake).


       Ubud is a unique place and as the central place of art in Bali, where people are so strongly in preserving their culture. The Ubud name comes from the word of ubad which means medicine, because so many medicinal plants that spread wildly in rice fields and also in environments where to live.

Price at Rp. 176.000,- / person

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      Away from the busy and bustling city located at Tabanan regency there is a village named Jatiluwih which come from the word of Jati and Luwih, Jati (sujati) means true or real and Luwih means goodness so Jatiluwih means the truth of goodness.

Price at Rp. 450.000,- / person

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