Go Green Supporting Product


We are a small family with a very simple life and love of the environment. We call ourselves “Bali Green Walks". We invite people to a healthy nature walk in the green of Bali’s rice paddies with the knowledge of herbal medicine plants. We will also invite them to recognize the various medicinal plants that grow wild. This is very important in the life of Balinese.

We are beginning to feel the fears of the increasing number of products made of plastic, where plastic is the biggest enemy of nature, especially plastic bags which are not very friendly to the environment. That's where the idea arose to take advantage of our former news papers into a product that is " Tas koran” (newspaper bag).

With this home industry and by recruiting housewives in our neighborhood, in addition to offering those jobs, we are indirectly helping them to realize the importance of preserving nature for our lives in future. It is one of Balinese living concepts, that is "Harmony to the earth" and the product that we produce is very friendly to the environment.

Sizes of our newspaper bag products are:

  • Mini news paper bags     : 14cm x 9cm
  • Small news paper bags   : 19cm x 14cm
  • Medium news paper bags: 23cm x 19cm


To have your own news paper bags please make an order!

Contact to order:
Phone : +62 361 911 48 05
Mobile : +62 81 747 06504
Email : suamba@baligreenwalks.com